Seniors Have It Tough:  Making The Movie

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Author's Notes


The intention of this book is to entertain the reader, while describing various aspects of what actually happens in the film business behind the camera: a story of life among the crew people, rather than a story about rich actors, lawyers and agents.  The material is based on the author's ten year stint in Hollywood, both as a Sound Mixer and as a Producer-Writer, so the detail is authentic, though the story is fiction.   Many technical nuances are included both because they are interesting and also for the purpose of  educating the reader.   The author  brings the camaraderie that exists among crews of specialists, each doing his or her best, to life and explains working conditions in a free-lance world.  In this world, you're only as good as your last picture, so there are added tensions and strong bonds among close friends. 

The central event in the book is the shooting of a film from a bizarre script:  the characters in the book are trying to make a comedy that revolves around gruesome material (death and human transplants).  In today's biomedical engineering world the events are not completely far-fetched, and the ethical issues are very real (who gets the parts and lives and who doesn't).   The doctors and the IRS are both parodied, and the operating room could be a scene from a Marx Brothers movie, rather than from a reality show. 

The book has had various titles, such as "Money Movies & Medicine" and "The Soundman's Dilemma", but the author finally decided that a completely unique and unusual title was best for publicity, so he took the title from the screenplay, SENIORS HAVE IT TOUGH, abbreviated S.H.I.T.