Gypsy Waves: A Stanford Romance

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A few Notes concerning GYPSY WAVES

I started writing this book years ago after reading too many obscure books and articles on what might be called alternative histories of the human race.  As a scientifically-trained Engineer, I thought most of it totally improbable, but the more I read, the more I thought that it would be fun to explore the ideas at least in a fictional setting.  I also read quite a bit about extra-sensory perception, the idea that we all can feel and sense things in ways that are foreign to modern science.  (The References page of this website includes some of the more interesting books and articles that I read.)  My initial idea was to create a plausible composite of all the weird theories, blending them together into a schema that might just have happened.  I knew immediately that this would be dull reading, so after thrashing about I hit upon the idea of letting two fascinating characters discover this version of reality while having a huge amount of fun in the process.  

The two main characters are college students, irreverent toward established authority and willing to explore almost any new idea:  they have a wonderful time living through the events and settings in which I have placed them.  The characters are opposite in every way with perhaps their only common characteristic being that they are both exceptionally smart scholarship students.  The girl is a gypsy, or more correctly a Rroma, with a checkered street-smart background and a strong interest in bio-tech.   The young man is a nerd, though a handsome one, with zero girl-knowledge, but skill in math, computers, and ancient mysteries.

Elsewhere on this site I include a few paragraphs from the book as well as pictures (which I shot) so that you can begin to explore the material for yourself.  I hope you have as much fun reading the book as I had writing it. My goal in writing is to entertain my readers, to let them live through fascinating and most unusual situations.  Thank you for your interest in GYPSY WAVES.