Gypsy Waves

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Selections from the book

"If you could only see this multi-dimensional scatter plot, you’d understand how closely the major pyramid dimensions match a linear combination of the integers in the square of the sun,”  he said in his tense British accent. “The numbers are so close that we must send an expedition to Egypt, with modern equipment, to get better data.  Once we have accurate measurements the correlation will be perfect.  It’ll reveal the tremendous mathematical sophistication of the people who built the Great Pyramid eons ago.”    Several students slipped out the door.  Others snickered in disbelief as William clenched his teeth in frustration.

"The design has no relation to math or sacred engineering.”  Tony spoke with a crude New York accent, and his over-fed face appeared violent because an ugly scar cut across his lips.  “I’ll lay you eleven to one that your pyramid builders just liked the aesthetics of their structure and the dimensions have no secret meanings at all."


“Of course. That happens to everyone.”

“Have you ever stopped to analyze the phenomenon?  Could it be that your brain has detected a kind of energy and processed it into a suggestion?”

“That’s silly. I mean, you can’t analyze stuff like that: it just happens.”

“Is pyramid math more valid?  I didn’t see many believers at your talk the other day.”

“That’s different. Pyramids are real.”


"Then when you look at the historic tectonic data that geologists are only beginning to measure accurately, you can see that the African Plate is slowly moving northeast, but on a curved path, in collision with the Eurasian plate.  I traced the path back until its curve rotated about two minutes of arc.  The data’s rough, but between twenty to thirty thousand years ago the G.P. [Great Pyramid] would have been perfectly aligned with the cardinal directions, so that’s the first scientific way to tell when it was built.  It’s a major breakthrough, but I haven’t told many people yet.”


William had seen photographs of ancient megalithic stone structures in remote parts of the world.  The stones in the ancient walls and ruined buildings were always odd shapes which fitted together perfectly, showing the great skill of their builders.  Although normal historians disagreed, Astro-archeologists  had dated the construction of many of these ancient structures to at least ten thousand years ago, maybe even much older times.  In each instance, local legends referred to smart people who had built them in the distant past.  William now realized that these structures could also be writing in the lost language of the stones.  An ancient forgotten race may have left messages all over the world and the Great Pyramid was only one of their writings.


She moved silently from shadow to shadow, until she was in position to strike, then with one fluid well-practiced move jumped from hiding and sliced her razor-sharp knife through the first goon’s neck, killing him instantly and freeing William.   The other goon spun around to attack Zarlie.  She pulled the whip from her waist and ripped flesh from the goon’s face as he slashed at her with his knife.  After a brief struggle she finished him off with a quick stab.  As he fell to the ground she delivered a deadly karate kick to his neck with a steel-toed shoe.


William felt apprehensive as he thought of the weight of the pyramid above them.  He saw math everywhere, in the precisely cut angles and craftsmanship, but the feeling that they were so far below such a huge pile of stones overpowered his logical thoughts.  He couldn't help but wonder how the builders had dug this huge room and carried out the rock chips, all the way up the narrow shaft, and what did they breathe, and how did they see.   There was no trace of smoke from torches.  During the cutting, no matter what tools they had used, there would have been endless dust, yet they did it somehow.  If they could have done this room, and the perfectly-cut passage leading down to it, then all manner of secrets could be hidden in the rock, and in the stone structure far above.  More and more he realized that the official explanation, that this was built with primitive copper and bronze tools 4500 years ago, was totally unrealistic.


Then in a sad flash, Zarlie realized, “William, there isn’t squat about secret passages or magic stones to press to get into them.”

“Who cares, we’ve got to write a paper and publish this.  What a breakthrough.  I can’t wait to see the look on Professor Mackie’s face when she hears about this.”

“Er, William, you’re forgetting a few minor details, like we don’t dare publish and give our location away.”

“But this is so fantastic.  To think this has been lying here for millennia, just waiting for us to decode.”


“That’s recent history.  I’ve been on the run a long time.  How do you think I made the transition from a filthy kid on a Hungarian fortune teller’s floor to a scholarship student at Stanford?”

“I don’t know.  You must have won science contests or earned a pile of money or something?”

“No, there were no prize contests for Rroma children, and not much schooling either.”